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In times like these, the way to travel and participate in public events is becoming more and more reduced and risky, without taking into account that transportation, lodging and logistics costs have risen in the last couple of years. We do the work for you and broadcast live in case you need it.

Our services:
✓ Planning; of your portfolio abroad. This includes translation of texts and correct pricing in the local currency.
✓ Representation; of your services on behalf of your company under MHC* alliance. This includes that every time we attend a meeting or present a product or service of yours, we will do so under your company name and logo.
✓ Expansion; from now on you will be able to offer your services or products in the native language of the country where MHC* operates, this provides greater confidence to the consumers of your services.
✓ National & International; our expansion is programmed to have more than one subsidiary of our companies in some countries, and in the smaller ones we will have only one head office which will be in charge of offering our and its portfolio nationwide.

*MHC = MILENIUM HOLDING & CONSULTING | Parent Company of Travelposting

Take a look at our Portfolio and book a video call with us to discuss what yours could look like.

*Price only for companies outside the European Community.

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