We are a web portal dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of tourist destinations at a national and international level, with our main office in Hamburg, Germany. Our vision is oriented to companies that wish to present their products and services in several languages through a reliable and affordable digital promotion alternative in the current market.
We have created this store to give you the opportunity to purchase or offer your promotions or services directly from the Shop and at B2B and B2C level.

Our vision is oriented to companies that wish to present their products and services in several languages through a reliable digital promotion alternative at affordable prices in today's market.
We seek to guarantee the customer full satisfaction for their investment, away from the mere interest of crowding hotels, being truthful with the information we show in our promotional media.

Among the current forms of promotion in favor of this campaign are available our pages on social networks such as Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. In addition to this we have independent representatives strategically located in various parts of the world, including Germany, England, Miami, Tampas, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Our potential in your favor is based on the facility we have to attract new interested parties for your services or destinations thanks to the tourism and technology fairs in which we are present, such as the Anato Tourism Showcase in Bogota Colombia, the ITB Tourism Fair in Berlin Germany, Fitur in Madrid Spain, FIT Argentina among others. We look forward to helping you promote your destinations or tourism services.

30% discount coupon
Black Friday offers the best deals, but at Travelposting we want to offer the lowest prices all year long. Get your discount coupon # TPI_21/22 and get a 30% discount on any of Travelposting's own products for the whole year 2021 - 2022.How to participate?The way to participate is super simple.1) Single payment of 30,00 € to the paypal account: info@travelposting.com2) Put the following code as subject: TPI_21/22-303) Send a message with your name and email address to the: 0049 178 83 38 735We remain at your service.

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FITUR 2022 Promotion
Advance FITUR Advertising Product F2022Ideal for small and medium-sized companies with no membership fee.• PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH COMPANIES AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL* Promote your destinations or tourist services online and in our monthly Newsletter, we send 37,000 News to companies in the sector and to individual users.* Recommendation by travelposting in the portal:, from there we promote your company and your services in the tourism fairs, national and international that we attend during 2022 through a promotional video that you must give us.• ONLINE ADVERTISING* Obtain (10) advertising spaces for your destinations in our web portal* Advertising on our social networks Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.* You can incl. give us your graphics for your advertising space if you wish.•- Digital ADVERTISING* Two (2) 50 x 297 mm spaces in the next edition of digital magazine. • SUPPORT* Conferences via Zoom, to learn how to upload destinations in travelposting.* Live Chat via WhatsApp Business (working days). * Service via e-mail on business days with response in max. 48 hours.* FAQs List• PAYMENT * Online Invoicing* Bank Transfer (only in the EU / Outside the EU will have a surcharge for extra taxes of 25%)* Online payment by credit card / Paypal * 7 days money back guarantee if you get a cheaper company for the same services.

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Your company on the Cover of magazine
SUPER PROMOTION we only have one space per magazine for each company.For a very reasonable price you can be you or your company on the cover of our next digital edition in, besides that inside the magazine you will have a full page to promote yourself and your logo along with your contact details will appear throughout the year 2022 in all editions of the magazine that we take out.If you wish we can give you the:*Inner back cover for only € 1000,-* or the. *External back cover for only € 800,-*.If you are interested in this promotion you can contact us privately and secure this great opportunity.These prices are valid until 15.06.2022.Next editions of | 15.04.2022 | 15.06.2022 | 15.08.2022 | 15.10.2022 | 15.12.2022Special edition 28.03.2022 | 28.09.2022*These dates are tentative and the publication of the magazine may vary within 7 days +/-*.

Delivery time 1-2 weeks

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